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Via Garibaldi 48-50
26828 Turano Lodigiano (LO)

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Palazzo Calderari with its splendid 17th-century courtyard, gardens, frescoed halls and consecrated chapel is the ideal setting to celebrate your wedding. The elegance and refinement of its
spaces will accompany you as you experience the greatest emotion in a romantic and prestigious atmosphere, where every dream can come true. In this enchanted and suspended atmosphere you will make your promise of eternal love, in a prestigious and exclusive location, where every detail will be taken care of and can be customized according to your wishes, making your most beautiful day unforgettable.

A dream come true

Explore the wonder and grandeur of Palazzo Calderari, an authentic treasure chest of beauty and romance that offers an unparalleled experience for your dream wedding. Wrapped in the magical atmosphere of its gardens and evocative 17th-century courtyard, you will have more than 1,000 square meters of indoor space, including sumptuous frescoed rooms and a consecrated chapel steeped in history and charm, to welcome you on the most important day of your life. Enter the ethereal realm of Palazzo Calderari, where time dances to a timeless melody, and pledge eternal devotion amidst a canvas that breathes the very soul of romance.
The elegance exuding from every corner, infused with an aura of magic and meticulous attention to detail, affords you the opportunity to customize every facet of your wedding according to your deepest desires. There’s no need for a ‘plan B’, as all available spaces, whether indoor or outdoor, are equally prestigious and exclusive, guaranteed to captivate all your guests. Palazzo Calderari is the right place to turn your wedding into an unforgettable event, full of emotions and timeless beauty. Choose the exclusivity and sophistication of this unique venue, and get ready to experience a day that will be forever etched in your memories

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